Investir&+ gathers several entrepreneurs and investors who are convinced that business can make an effective contribution to the greater good

It all started in 2003, in Brazil, when Vincent Fauvet and Jérôme Schatzman compared their personal and professional experience and ended up creating a social enterprise incubator. Fair Planet was born.

A very first project was launched in the organic and fair-trade textile industry under the brand name Tudo Bom. It was then developed by Jérôme and sold to a retail company in 2011.

Meanwhile, in late 2011, professional investors who had met through the “Ashoka Support Network” launched their own funding structure specializing in social enterprises under the name Investir&+.

In 2012, the two initiatives merged and formed a complementary team of women, men, networks and expertise under the presidency of Vincent Fauvet, joined by Anita de Voisins in 2013. The name Investir&+ was kept for the rest of the adventure.

Since the beginning, more than 30 entrepreneurs have joined Investir&+ and brought their financial resources, networks and know-how.