As we dedicate all our resources to identify, assist and promote the most effective solutions to social and environmental issues, we work very closely with a number of partners involved in the social innovation ecosystem.

SocialCOBizz’ mission is to foster a more inclusive society by spreading the Social Joint-Ventures model on a broad territorial and sectoral scope.
Led by Ares, Vitamine T, Yookaby Ventures and Investir&+, the SocialCOBizz initiative aims at promoting the Social Joint Venture model, which consists in merging into one social enterprise a corporate player with a robust sectorial competence on the one hand and a nonprofit organization with recognized expertise on a given social issue on the other hand.
Beyond well-known existing companies (Log’ins, Soluval etc.), the first Social Joint Venture called Acces Inclusive Tech was created by Accenture, Ares and Investir&+ as part of the SocialCOBizz initiative.
Through, Google’s philanthropic arm, the Google Impact Challenge was created to support and promote innovative projects that positively impact our society.
At the end of 2015, 10 nonprofit organizations became Google Impact Challenge laureates in France and received a substantial grant (ranging from € 200 K to € 500 K each).
Google chose Investir&+ and the Social Factory to mentor and train these 10 laureates, and coordinate support provided by Google staff.
After a first successful edition, Google wished to extend the support offered to these 10 NGOs over the course of 2017 with Investir&+ and the Social Factory’s help, to develop and maintain the impact of their solutions.

Other partners