Alphonse is a project led by two young entrepreneurs who aim to change retirees’ daily lives for the better.

They have conceived :

  • a tool to enable future retirees to know more about the administrative details of their pension
  • a program that helps young retirees to draw the best retirement, thanks to a month-long human and digital support
  • two media : “Le monde selon Alphonse” sent to 60.000 curious retirees about innovative topics with a light tone and “Bonjour Fred”, a positive media for  unwitting caregivers

80.000 readers of their newsletter

Events gathering generations


Alexandre Gallet

It is a simple idea : help senior people live better their retirement ; but the ambition is huge : coach them during the whole transition period, encourage them to keep social bonds with other generations, offer them activities, sometimes paid to increase their income, offer them good tips… This beautiful project is led by two founders Thibault and Barthélémy that we are very proud to mentor, so that Alphonse become a tool for social and societal impact.