ETIC® funds, develops and manages workspaces…

  1. available on preferential terms to sustainable development organizations that create sustainable jobs
  2. with limited carbon footprint
  3. acquired by socially responsible investors

ETIC® creates, funds and manages business centres that help NGOs, social entrepreneurs and other responsible stakeholders access affordable workspaces and mutualize equipment (meeting spaces, videoconference systems, electric bicycles…) and services (bulk purchase, shared expert accountant…).

The atmosphere in ETIC® centres is conducive to sharing and mutual aid. Users work in high environmental performance buildings.

100% green energy

6 ETIC eco-friendly centers under management

156 social economy organizations hosted


Olivier de Fontenay

“ETIC is a responsible property company that creates, funds and manages high social and environmental quality shared work areas and commercial spaces, with low rent and expenses, that are dedicated to stakeholders acting for societal change. ETIC is deeply embedded in the social economy, at the forefront of the high environmental quality approach, and forms a testing ground for innovative shared life/work places.”



ETIC – Foncièrement Responsable
2 rue du Professeur Zimmermann
69007 Lyon