Frello is an impact edtech startup.

Their aim : to help French teachers for foreigners offer a way of learning that matches the needs of all learners. To do that, they have developed 300 hours of interactive contents from levels A1 to B2. These are available on a website and on mobile apps, and enable learners with very different levels to progress out of class hours.

Frello’s social dimension lies in the adaptation of French contents and the support they bring to structures that receive refugees. Among the 3000 people who used Frello in 2020, 1 400 were refugees. In 2021, they aim at supporting 4 times more refugees. They also want to address people with disabilities in the future.

Based in Lyon and created in 2017 by Théo and Louis, Frello’s plateform has already been used by several universities (Lyon, Neoma) and language centers abroad (Alliances Françaises, Institut Français,…). The tool has even more value for the training centers and NGOs (UniR, Wero, GRETA, Education & Formation, ESPEREM, Red Cross,…) and their refugees students who use it everyday, to ease and accelerate their personal and professional integration.

3 000 users in 2020

45% refugees users