Founded in 2016 by Fatma Chouaieb and Laurent Deambrogio, Hello Charly is the first editor of vocational chabtots. The first that has been developed is Charly. Charly supports young people from 14 to 24 years old in building their project autonomously. It is 100% personalized to each user.

Available on Facebook Messenger, Charly supports people who find him on social networks or on dedicated pages, for free.

By putting artificial intelligence at the service of vocational orientation, Charly has already supported more than 45 000 youngsters and adults, in France, on all sectors and all types of formations.

Hello Charly conceives dedicated chatbots to different types of users and for different purposes: build a business in the lowincome neighborhoods, fight against early school leaving, find an apprenticeship etc. The team has also developed the chatbot Adabot that sensitizes and guides women towards digital jobs. and CAESO, used by all the high school students of Monaco, as a complement of the guidance counselor.

40 000 young people helped in their orientation

2 100 women supported on the way to digital careers

45 000 people empowered in their career choices