Les Talents d’Alphonse is the first intergenerational platform in France.
Launched in 2016, it puts retirees (the Alphonses) in touch with younger people from their neighborhood to fight isolation and value their experience.

The concept ? Allowing everyone to learn a given skill (sewing, knitting, foreign languages…) from them or to stimulate children ’s early development through fun and educational activities. As a major player in the Silver economy, Les Talents d’Alphonse proudly records no less than 20 000 hours spent together by Alphonses and their learners and brings together a community of more than 1 000 retirees that meet every month at joyful events.

The Alphonse ecosystem also comprises a digital medium targeting the 16 million seniors living in France and providing them with plenty of suggestions, selected news and other heartwarming contents to prevent them from losing ground.

60 % of subscribing retirees using the additional income they earn through the platform to cover their daily needs

85% of Alphonses feeling valued after exchanging with learners

20 000 hours spent in teaching sessions or child care
70% of Alphonses and Curious continuing to communicate after a session.


Alexandre Gallet

“Les Talents d’Alphonse allows retirees to provide services and build on their knowledge, skills and passions : sewing, foreign languages, music, homework support… the variety and possibilities are endless, as are their talents.
The idea is simple, innovative, ambitious: allowing seniors to stay active and committed, bringing them additional revenue, while enabling each and every individual and specifically the younger ones to benefit from their elders’ experience.
This amazing project is carried out by Thibault and Barthélémy, the two cofounders, who are generous, passionate and inspiring.
We are proud to support them to make Les Talents d’Alphonse a powerful tool for social and societal impact.”

Jérôme Léger

“Les Talents d’Alphonse brings a modern answer that is both digital and convivial to the intergenerational gap. The platform enables seniors to value their experience while transmitting it to younger generations (child care, teaching). This simple and generous project is borne by a passionate and attentive team. We believe an increasing number of seniors will sign up to the platform to maintain a certain level of activity while providing families with a much-needed service.”