Founded in 2016, has become a major player in the field of civic tech, building bridges between civil society, national or local political authorities, and economic stakeholders whose social responsibility is greater than ever.

Our society faces a basic shift. More than ever, citizens wish to conceive solutions and participate in concrete transformation actions, in order to serve the public interest. To support this shift, has built an independent, nonpartisan platform aimed at catalyzing these ideas and implement changemaking actions. collects citizens’ proposals, carries out awareness campaigns and leads operations promoting civic engagement. The objective is to get significant results that will draw public attention on a local or national scale.

A few examples of ‘s latest operations : #Invent2017, Present ! Call for Solidarity, Citizen legislative elections,, Ending violence against women.

24 million votes
134K proposals

27 actions initiated


Aymeric Marmorat


4, rue Villermé
75011 Paris