Based in Nantes, Naoden is developing and manufacturing small pyro-gasification plants that transform dry biomass waste into energy (biogas or cogeneration of electricity and heat). They promote a vision of a circular economy, producing decentralized energy from the local recovery of waste.

The plant’s modular design makes it possible to have a flexible installation, scaling for industrials and communities’ needs to replace the fossil energy usually consumed (natural gas, propane, fuel oil) with sustainable energy from biomass obtained from locally collected waste.

Les Coteaux Nantais, the Kerval Centre Armor waste recovery union and Bouyer Leroux already produce their own energy from their waste thanks to Naoden’s installations. In parallel with their commercial development, they are pursuing R&D on new fuels such as solid recovered fuel (SRF).

2145 kW fueled by biomass

4 pyro-gasification plants

600 tons of wood waste transformed into energy

206 tons oils equivalent avoided each year