is an online marketplace selling second-hand books and creating solidarity bonds between communities with different accessibility to books and culture.

Thanks to Recyclivre, used books end up neither in the attic, nor in the recycling bin, nor in landfills. Recyclivre provides individuals, companies and communities with a free collection service and gives books a second life by selling them online.

Recyclivre participates in:

  • reducing waste (by changing a book’s owner instead of trashing it)
  • fighting exclusion (by employing people excluded from the labour market)
  • fighting illiteracy (by funding dedicated programs in France and elsewhere).

Since its foundation, Recyclivre has contributed to the employment of more than 45 people on social integration contracts and has been redistributing 10% of net sales to nonprofits fighting illiteracy or protecting the planet.

5,3M books sold
2,6M€ donated as a contribution to the fight against illiteracy

58 employees on social integration contracts

41K trees saved
1,6 billion liters of water saved


Emmanuel de Courcel

“Recyclivre collects second-hand books from individuals and nonprofits and resells them online. The company manages to combine major socio-environmental benefits (all logistics handled by employees on social integration contracts, 10% of sales being refunded to nonprofits etc.) and strong economic performance (profitability – and thus sustainability, and sharp growth) thanks to high-end digital tools and algorithms allowing to optimize every step in the process, all the way from the collection to the sales of the books.”

Olivier Chanut

“Recyclivre is a typical example of a simple concept paired with an exceptional execution. Collecting second-hand books to put them back on the market and thus avoid their disposal is no revolution, but David was able to create a smart and dynamic ecosystem allowing to implement that idea on a large scale, in a unique way. Beyond the project’s environmental ambition, involving professional integration organizations and refunding a share of the revenue to charitable causes demonstrates a deep solidarity commitment.
Therefore, I am very pleased to participate in this project, all the more since the founder’s straightforward personality allows for boards to be quick, effective and creative.”



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