Sparknews is a social enterprise that stands at the crossroads of innovation (social and environmental), the corporate world and the media.

Sparknews has two missions:

  • Support companies in their cultural change for a positive impact
  • Share positive stories to build a better world.

In 2020, Sparknews launches La Fabrique des Récits to involve creators in the ecological and social transition.

46 big companies members of the Positive Transformation Club
+400 startups connected with big companies



Sylvain Charignon

“Driven by founder Christian de Boisredon ’s original vision and general manager Sandra de Bailliencourt ’s energy, Sparknews is a great sounding board for positive innovation across the world. Following the success of the International Journalism Day, Sparknews’ flagship event, the company is expanding the model with specific offers dedicated to large businesses. We are very proud to support them in these evolutions.”

Jean-Pierre Séguret

“Using the media’s power to spread positive, stimulating news and make things change. That was Sparknews’ starting point. “Good news are maybe no news but strong positive actions.”(sic)”


Christian de Boisredon
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Sandra de Bailliencourt
+ 33 6 19 91 37 41

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