Wefight edits a conversational tool (a chatbot with natural language recognition), called Vik, for patients suffering from chronic diseases or cancers.

Vik is a virtual companion for these patients : it helps them in living better with their disease. Vik is accessible freely via mobile phone or through the web. Vik provides support with a medically approved database of answers about treatments, side effects, sexuality, administrative concerns…

Wefight tries to help patients and minimize their anxiety, by answering questions they have around their diseases and which medical professionals cannot respond to, by lack of time or resources.

For now, Wefight has developed more than 20 versions of Vik : cancers (breast, prostate, lung…) but also chronic diseases such as depression, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, migraine etc.

More than 245.000 patients helped

Support of patients in medical deserts