Acces Incusive Tech trains and gives jobs in the tech sector to people with social difficulties. It is a joint venture between Ares Group, Accenture Foundation and Investir&+. Acces Inclusive Tech’s ambition is to use technology as a tool for inclusion in the labor market, while it is traditionally an employment barrier for disadvantaged populations.

Acces employees on social integration contracts enjoy paid employment for up to two years while receiving socio-professional support so as to help them solve their social difficulties (housing, health…) before preparing them to move on to a sustainable job or to a training program.

Acces provides customers with computer services and offers them the opportunity to outsource back office and support functions. Tech activities represent a unique opportunity to promote employment-based integration and pave the way to occupations facing recruitment difficulties.

34 employees on social integration contracts

6 large corporations resorting to employees on social integration contracts for their projects


Mikael Thepaut

“Helping Jean Christophe Arnauné in Acces adventure is always a pleasure. Our discussions are direct, constructive and we never forget the societal role of the company: use digital, which is usually an barrier to employment for most unadvantaged people, as a tool for inclusion into the work world.”



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93210 Saint-Denis

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