In 2017, 400 000 people were diagnosed with cancer. In France, 3 million people live with this disease. Their relatives are also impacted by the disease in their daily and profesionnal life.

New therapies are created. Some of them, administered at home, represent a big hope but also generate new challenges in terms of care and follow-up.

Patients share their helplessness facing these new therapies. Testimonies were registrated by the useful interassociative work led for the project Cancer@dom. Here are some quotations:
“I felt overwhelmed, alone at home, I was not able of doing anything anymore”
Patient suffering from a skin cancer, 53 years old, Paris Region
“We were discovering undesirable effects bit by bit. There are so many things that are not explained”
Mother of a child suffering from a metastatic neuroblastoma, Paris Region
“When needed, I call my brother and we go to the hospital. Then, I go to the hospital unit and I directly ask the question.”
Patient suffering from a bone cancer. 24 years old, Paris Region

The more vulnerable, socially or geographically isolated the patients are, the more they feel abandoned.

In order to solve these isssues, Continuum+ has developed, in collaboration with the association « Patients en Réseau » (Patients in network), a care program called AKO@dom. It aims at securing the medical care, improving the adherence and the quality of life of the patients by the early identification and care of undesirable effects.

In the program AKO@dom, the liberal nurse visits the patient at home during the first 3 months of the treatment. With an application on smartphone, the nurse transmits the monitoring data on a secure platform dedicated to medical professionals who follow the patients.

Beyond the data accessible on the patform, the nurse also gets in touch with the medical professionals involved according to the situations faced.

This solution was tested for a treatment for metastatic kidney cancer. 25 patients of hospitals in the East of France benefited from the solution. A second pilot has been launched for the metastatic breast cancer in several hospitals in the East of France and in the Northern region of France.

First results are promising. The pilot has just been extended to 100 patients suffering from metastatic kidney cancer.
Our ambition is to deploy AKO@dom in various types of cancers, on the whole territory, so that the patients that need it it the most can benefit from it.
On the long run, other chronic diseases treated at home may be taken in charge with the same type of program.

+100 patients benefit from AKO@dom program for the treatment of their cancer at home