is an innovative service dedicated to the patient and their physician. It aims at giving all patients access to high-level medical expertise in the event of a severe health problem or complex medical situation. Deuxiè provides a second medical opinion issued by one of the most renowned medical experts for a given pathology in less than 7 days, in the form of a written report.

The service aims to address unequal access to expertise, which entails a substantial loss of opportunity for some patients. In particular, deuxiè wants to allow people living in remote areas, having mobility issues or simply people that do not have the proper medical network, to put all the odds on their side. Supplemental health insurance bears the cost of this service.

Around a hundred expert doctors (specializing in a given field) participate in this service, under the control of a high-end Scientific Board, chaired by Professor Laurent Degos.

Less than a year after Deuxiè ‘s launch, the service is progressively becoming the standard, and the first users’ testimonies confirm its value. is authorized by the CNIL and has adopted a safety policy that complies with legal and ethical requirements regarding personal medical data collection.

600 diseases treated by +200 expert physicians
16M people having access to the service freely thanks to their health insurance


Mathieu Lamiaux



Paris Santé Cochin
27 rue du faubourg Saint-Jacques, Paris 14
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