Murfy is a new repair service of household appliances at home. Their techniciens interviene in less than 24 hours, for a €75 flat rate, excluding the spare parts.

Because it is simpler, and because there is no efficient, quick and affordable solution, when our washing machine breaks down, we tend to buy a new one. Less than 20% of household appliances that goes down out of warranty are repaired. The environmental cost of that is disastrous : produce, use and dump these appliances represent an equivalent of 4 million tons of CO2.

Murfy wants to bring repairing up to date, to limit the environmental impact of the sector.

Besides its at-home repair service, Murfy offers free repair tutorials online, on its website.

And when repairing is impossible, Murfy offers a range of reconditioned appliances, with up to 50% discount compared to new appliances.


10 500 machines repaired

2 700 tons of CO2 avoided