Supported by Investir &+ from 2014 to 2017

Simplon is a company that offers 6-month trainings that are primarily available for jobseekers, RSA beneficiaries, young people from poorer neighborhoods, diasporas or rural backgrounds, as well as to girls who are under-represented in technical professions. A variety of trainings are available : web/mobile apps development, digital advice. advocates for an inclusive digital ecosystem that serves the underprivileged, people in precarious, socially excluded situations or suffering from all types of discrimination in complex territories in France and Africa.
About 20 apps and projects have also been incubated at Job for Change, Lost In Immersion, Billetgratuit, Fewhourz, including award-winning initiatives like I Wheel Share.

Simplon was awarded the French Tech Mission Label and chosen as part of the La France s’Engage presidential initiative. Simplon was repeatedly distinguished as a remarkable initiative that succeeded in unifying digital and social innovation.

1255 people trained to computer code
of which 76% were job seekers



55 rue de Vincennes 93100 Montreuil