Sparknews is a social enterprise that stands at the crossroads of innovation (social and environmental), the corporate world and the media.

Sparknews has three missions : sourcing innovations, sharing them (through mass media), supporting organizations and companies in creating synergies between these innovations and their own issues.

In order to disseminate these solutions widely and encourage the media to spread the word, Sparknews has created the Impact Journalism Day and Solutions & Co, rallying 60 leading general press publications (El Pais, China Post, Le Figaro…) and 20 economic newspapers (Financial Times, Les Echos, China Business News, Valor Economico…) from 50 countries, to co-produce an 8-page supplement dedicated to positive solutions. 120 million people read this supplement across the world and its Twitter reach exceeds 50 million. New formats were created in 2017 about women and others are expected on health, leadership…

Sparknews also created the Positive Innovation Club, that gathers 100 top decision makers from large companies every two months around positive innovators, so as to create synergies and nurture tomorrow’s business models. The Club was also created in London, in late 2017.

Sparknews also leads consulting missions on employee engagement, internal promotion of CSR subjects, brand content, leadership for change etc.

100 global newspapers committed
1532 corporate employees involved
302M de personnes sensitized


Sylvain Charignon

“Driven by founder Christian de Boisredon ’s original vision and general manager Sandra de Bailliencourt ’s energy, Sparknews is a great sounding board for positive innovation across the world. Following the success of the International Journalism Day, Sparknews’ flagship event, the company is expanding the model with specific offers dedicated to large businesses. We are very proud to support them in these evolutions.”

Jean-Pierre Séguret

“Using the media’s power to spread positive, stimulating news and make things change. That was Sparknews’ starting point. “Good news are maybe no news but strong positive actions.”(sic)”


Christian de Boisredon
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Sandra de Bailliencourt
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